Commercial Roofing

How do you determine the price of a project? There are many factors that go into determining the cost for any type of project. For example, Commercial Roofing St. Louis is calculated differently than residential roofing. A contractor needs to know how much materials and labor will be needed for this type of job before they can provide an estimate. By understanding all these variables, it should make it easier to calculate your project’s cost!

The first thing any contractor needs to know is the square footage of your roof. This will help determine how much material you need for this job. You can use a measuring tape or buy special equipment that measures in roofing measurements instead of feet and inches.

Commercial Roofing St. Louis

Once they have squared footage, it’s time to get an estimate on materials! There are many factors when getting material prices such as thickness, type of shingle needed (for example, three tab vs architectural), color/brand preference and whether you want any upgrades like insulation or ice shield protection. Once all these variables are determined contractors should be able to figure out what kind of supplies are necessary for the project including nails, shingles etc…

The final factor involved in determining commercial roofing cost is the amount of labor needed for the job. The number of hours it will take a crew to complete the project is multiplied by an hourly wage rate that has been agreed upon. This gives you a good estimate on how much the entire project will cost.

It’s important to keep in mind that most contractors offer free roofing estimates and many times, can work with you on financing options if needed! Be sure to ask your contractor these questions upfront to get started on your project!